a note from c.cimmone

A close friend of mine told me,

“Your agent getting hit by a bus was the universe’s way of drastically intervening.”

Yes, the fancy New York City agent, set to call me at 2:15pm on a Thursday afternoon and discuss possible representation…got hit by a bus. This was no ‘dog ate my paperwork.’ This was no ‘fade out’ technique. She literally got hit by a bus.

I try not to dwell on the mishaps and dirty fingernails of life, but it makes things more interesting…and in the end, it inspires you. Gives you something to talk about. Makes YOU seem more interesting than what you feel inside.

I never feel the way everyone thinks I should feel. I feel dark and sloppy, sticky and frazzled. Yet, there are those who see otherwise.

I tried my best to look in the mirror to see the ‘otherwise,’ and I couldn’t get past the obvious. When I look in the mirror, I see everything I know about myself. I see the layers and the unraveled. I see the ‘spun out of control,’ and I hear someone whispering, “why do you always burn down the city and everyone in it?”

Because that’s who I am.

And with that, and a rogue bus on the streets of NYC, I figured this no better time to just…be me.

I hope you enjoy the new site. I hope you appreciate the honesty, despite its’ jagged edges.


C. Cimmone

author – comic – sidewinder