cimmone tells all

Not everyone wants to know it all…but some do.
(viewer discretion is advised) (read at your own risk)

After I first did open mic in an Austin comedy club, I realized my thoughts on certain topics weren’t as off base as I had originally presumed. Several people came up to me after the show and giggled, “I loved the part when you called your dad for money for a hospital bill and you pointed to your crotch!” They also seemed to enjoy my reasoning for why you should “never, ever, sleep with your maintenance man.” Stand up was great. But hard.And just as luck would have it, once I had changed my path, for the nth time, and devoted my life, and career, to writing short stories about my outdoorsy, nature-inspired, coming-of-age life in the swampy Texas south, one of my “other” short-stories accidentally won a national contest and was published world-wide. I had posted the story to a site that I had forgotten my login password just a few days after I set up a username. I hadn’t thought much more about the story until I received an email from a New York publisher commending me on my story telling ability. I was a published author. Finally. One of my stories had made it. Finally.

But this story wasn’t about birds ‘singing you through the hills;’ it was a story about an old flame. It was a story about drug use and drinking. It was a story about being a ‘loose’ woman, just for the fun of it. And it was right there, in black and white, about 160 pages in – for all to judge and to draw speculation on what my intentions in life really are.

As I read through my story on my Kindle, amazed at my accomplishment, I finally got it: The truth sells. As gritty and as dirty as the truth may be, it just feels better than the frilly words spewing out of a pink-cheeked mother of three who says she loves her husband more each and every day.

So here I am, balls in hand, to reveal all of the foul truth to you. Keep in mind that I am not a certified therapist, a trained physician, or an overly devout mother, so don’t write your mother a strongly worded letter about all of her short comings. Take it as a grain of entertainment with a side of truth. I only hope that ‘side of truth’ makes you feel like you aren’t the only person in the world who…