“Our Town”

Trampset, Coming Soon 2019


“Two Rosaries”

Trampset, February 2019


“Mad Man”

Trampset, September 2018


“Judy Finger”

Trampset, May 2018


“Black Girls Are Dirty”

Embodied Effigies, May 2018


“Top 2 Austin Nurseries to Nurture Your Spring Garden”

The Austinot, March 2018


“How To Fall Asleep During Sex: The Fantasy Chapter”

Arouse Magazine, March 2018


“The Atheist of Romance”

Arouse Magazine, March 2018


“Apple Juice (With Other Manifestations)”

Crux Magazine, December 2017 – Order your copy Here!



Gravel, September 2017


“Bloody Mary”

Two Hawks Quarterly, June 2017


“Apple Juice (With Other Manifestations)”

Foliate Oak Magazine, May 2017



The Fiction Pool, April 2017


“The Common Man”

GNU Journal, January 2017 Ed.


“The Alligator”

Embodied Effigies, November 2016 Issue VI



Pub: Underground Voices, August 2016 – Purchase your Kindle Edition here!

Purchase your NOOK Book here!


“The Birdhouse”

The Penmen Review, July 2016


“It’s Your Birthday, Stop Playing with Your Vagina”

Jokes Review, July 2016 – Purchase your copy here!



Heart and Mind Zine, Issue 3: Spring 2016  – Judge’s Choice Award Recipient


Interviews with Writers

Interview with Author – C. Cimmone


Snowflakes in A Blizzard

Interview with C. Cimmone