MORTAL REMAINS OF A USED UP WOMAN, Fahmidan & Co. Publishing, Fall 2021

TORN UP, Femme Salve Books, May 2021


WHEN I WAS ALIVE, Underground Voices



“Sunday Night Morose” Imperial Death Cult

3 Poems (“The Day I Wrote His Obituary “| “Psychosomatics” | “Mortal Remains of a Used Up Woman”) Dead Fern Press

“Uber for Dessert” Moonstone Arts Center 2020 Featured Poets Anthology

“Cheater” Rejection Letters

“The Body is A Temple” Stone of Madness Press

“When He’s Been Drinking” Wine Cellar Press

“Basmati Rice” Marias at Sampaguitas

“8:05 am” SEROTONIN

“Dark Womb” The Haunted Dollhouse

“Second Date” Rejection Letters

“The Best Advice” The Daily Drunk

“This Old House” Rejection Letters

“Mirage” Dreams Walking, Issue 3

“The Affair” Rejection Letters

Three Poems (“Tornado” / “The Dogs Are All Dead” / “9 O’clock”) Trampset

“Suicide Christmas” Trampset

“Safari” Ghost City Press

3 Poems by C. Cimmone  (“Meteor Shower” / “Harvest Moon” / “Today Doesn’t Count”) Malarkey Books

“What Meth Did” Ayaskala

Creative Nonfiction

COMING SOON: “Medal of Honor” JMWW, May 2021

“When I Think About My Mother” Schuylkill Valley Journal

“Condemned” X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

“Hospitals and Cigarettes: My Childhood Ailments” Emerge Literary Journal

“Birth” All Female Menu

“Such Good Stories from the Mental Hospital” Stone of Madness Press

“Susan” Mineral Lit Mag

“The Centipede” Trampset

“The Jewelry Store” Trampset

“Aliens” Nightingale & Sparrow PRINT / Nightingale & Sparrow DIGITAL

“Two Rosaries” Trampset

“Mad Man” Trampset

“Emergency” Gravel

“Our Town” Trampset

“Chip” Heart and Mind Zine,  Judge’s Choice Award Recipient

“Apple Juice (With Other Manifestations)” Crux Magazine PRINT / Crux Magazine DIGITAL

“The Common Man” GNU Journal

“The Alligator” Embodied Effigies

“The Birdhouse” The Penmen Review


“There’s No Pride in Cheating Unless You’re Good at Keeping A Secret: A Writer’s Fantasy, PART 2”, Daily Drunk

“The Book Reading: A Writer’s Fantasy, PART 1”, Dream Journal

Collaborative Work

“Beer Tastes Better in a Motel”, The Daily Drunk, Collaboration with Travis Cravey


“It’s Your Birthday, Stop Playing with Your Vagina” Jokes Review PRINT EDITIONJokes Review DIGITAL EDITION

“How To Fall Asleep During Sex: The Fantasy Chapter” Arouse Magazine

“The Atheist of Romance” Arouse Magazine

“Bloody Mary” Two Hawks Quarterly

“Hair” The Fiction Pool

“Judy Finger” Trampset


“The Centipede” Trampset

“Suicide Christmas” Trampset

“Our Town” Trampset

Multiple credits in VERSIFICATION


THE MEDICATED MIC WITH C. CIMMONE, The Poetry Question, columnist | podcaster

“Top 2 Austin Nurseries to Nurture Your Spring Garden” The Austinot

Book Reviews

“Book Review: Tragedy, Ecstasy, Doom, and so on” Trampset


Braddock Avenue Books’ Best Small Fictions 2019 “Judy Finger”


my (small press) writing day, A Very Untypical – Typical Writing Day for C. Cimmone

Interviews with Writers, Interview with Author – C. Cimmone

Snowflakes in A Blizzard, Interview with C