C.Cimmone writes dark humor that’s speckled with playful moments of mischievous, grinning wit. Her stories never miss the mark on the human side—there’s bound to be a tragedy between the laughs.

– Peter Clarke, Managing Editor, Jokes Review

C. Cimmone is a fearless writer. Her work grips the cutting-edge of life, confronts subjects others wouldn’t touch, yet finds humor and warmth – even tenderness amid tragedy. Her writing is both incisive and evocative a testament to her talent and skill. Whatever she approaches comes alive on the page. A writer to watch.

– M. Scott Neuffer, Author/Editor/Musician (Click here to learn more about Scott)

Cimmone’s writing has the grit and edge of an Amy Winehouse song and shares some of the same tragic truths that marked Winehouse’s life. But this is no way implies that Cimmone is a copycat. On the contrary. Cimmone’s voice is entirely her own: a unique blend of raw, visceral, thoughtful, and moving perceptions on life, love, loss, and longing. Above all else, and to the benefit of all who read her work, Cimmone’s writing is unapologetically and heartbreakingly honest.

– Kip Knott, Author

Cimmone is one of the most exciting writers of recent years. Her writing hits you with a jolt of excitement, and it doesn’t let go. Intelligent and incisive, this is writing to read at one sitting, to immerse yourself in – and then to re-read later, and to cherish. C. Cimmone is going to be a very big name indeed, sooner rather than later, I think.

– Cathy Bryant, Editor of Best of Manchester Poets 1-3, Author and Blogger at Comps and Calls for Writers

C.Cimmone’s short story “Chip” was published by Heart & Mind Zine in June of 2016, where it received a Judge’s Choice Award for being the most highly rated story out of dozens of others.  Her writing is descriptive enough to transport you into the mind of her characters, and immerse you in their world, yet concise enough to tell a great story in just a few pages.

– Tomovi Keoni, Editor-in-Chief, Heart & Mind Zine

Cimmone is an authentic voice in a wilderness of southern women writers. Her ear for dialogue is pitch perfect, and her descriptions transport the reader to a childhood that is crisply rendered from a familiar page. Cimmone is Eudora Welty in content, Laura van den Berg in style, but that doesn’t quite describe the lyrical quality of her prose. Quite simply, she is a fresh voice that needs to keep singing.

– Dr. Cherri Randall, Author, The Memory of Orchids

Cimmone has a really elegant fluidity to her writing that makes even worms, dirt, and unfortunate circumstances sound beautiful. “The Alligator” is a great mix of humor and tension, and is a very vivid, fun read.

– Lynsey Morandin, Publisher, Hypertrophic Press